In the heart of the Central Business District

Frankfurt/Main is the central financial hub at the heart of Europe. Home to both the European Central Bank and more than 200 national and international banks.

However, nowhere is the visionary power and international importance of Frankfurt more obvious than at the nucleus of the dynamic banking district.
The Marienforum is under constructionhas emerged at Mainzer Landstrasse 1, directly opposite the famed twin towers of Deutsche Bank. With its striking sculptural volume the building blends confidently into the urban fabric here and will behas become a new prime address for companies that wish to present a pioneering and personal image at the heart of the CBD.


Walk 5 mins. / Underground 1 min.

Main station

Underground 1 min. / Car 3 mins.


In all directions 10 mins.


Underground 13 mins. / Car 15 mins.

Lage Collage großes Bild Marienforum

The Island

Marieninsel Plan Lage EN

An island for experts and global players, cosmopolitans and urbanites, trailblazers and free minds.

The Marieninsel is flanked by the Marienstrasse, between Taunusanlage and Mainzer Landstrasse.
The elegant Marienturm, the exclusive Marienforum and the vibrant Marienplatz transform the area into a magnetic location at the heart of the Central Business District.